May long is approaching and, with it, many seasonal residents will be returning.  Here is some important information that will be helpful to you:
SEASONAL WATER will be available to most on May 16th pending any line breakages or other maintenance issues.  A precautionary boil water advisory will remain in effect until such time as two sets of bacteriological analysis are completed. Consumers will be notified when the water is safe to drink. WATCH THE MARQUEE SIGN AT THE VILLAGE OFFICE FOR UPDATES.  In order to prevent line breakages, please refrain from driving and parking on the road allowance or in green reserve areas.  Many water lines are broken each year due to soft earth and heavy vehicles.
SPRING CLEAN UP - Leaves and organic yard material in clear plastic bags will be picked up after the Victoria Day weekend. Please ensure that all bags are tied and not broken.
 The LANDFILL will be open Saturday May 20, Sunday May 21 and Monday May 22 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The landfill is located approximately 5 kms north on Hwy 4 & 0.5 km west. Items accepted include: clean lumber, trees, leaves & scrap metal but absolutely NO REFRIGERATION ITEMS, PAINTED OR TREATED WOOD, PLASTIC or SHINGLES.  Please follow the Landfill Rules and report to the Landfill Attendant.
HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE - Please use waste bins with lids for all food and household refuse.  Birds, stray dogs, and wildlife are attracted to it otherwise and they make quite a mess. Additionally, they may be dangerous as we have previously had bears in the community. Speaking of refuse, please clean up after your pets . We have provided a number of  courtesy waste bins in the community .
PET SAFETY- Please keep  all pets securely leashed or in a fenced yard/enclosure. This is for the safety and security of everyone and part of being a good neighbour.
 ASSESSMENT NOTICES -The wrong phone number for SAMA was printed on the Assessment Notices which were recently mailed.  The correct number to contact SAMA is 306.446.7665

For further information regarding  Cochin community services select the Community Services button on our website for additional information.


Recent Announcements:

Notice of Preparation of Assessment Roll: 
To all ratepayers of the Resort Village of Cochin.
Please link here to view a copy of the public notice concerning the 2017 assessment notices.
​Cochin Days:
Cochin Days 2017 are coming!   August 11, 12 & 13th:
Cochin Days 2016 was a grand success!  We hope you'll plan to make Cochin Days 2017 even better.  For more information follow us  on our  @RVCochin Facebook page or link here. Thank you to all 2016 sponsors and volunteers
Council News:
Council Minutes  are available here. Keep up to date with Village Council activities. See the most recent  Council Comments here.


Village Office hours are:
Monday: closed to the public
Tuesday - Friday: open 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

PETS: Residents and visitors are reminded that pets must be leashed at all times when off private property (Bylaw 04/12). Also, please clean up after your pets.This is for the safety and protection of all.

WILDLIFE: Residents & visitors are reminded that abundant wildlife lives in the lake area. It is possible for wildlife to enter the village. Residents &  visitors are reminded to dispose of all garbage properly and cover cans, to keep pets on a leash at all times, and to supervise children carefully. Please contact the Village Office  if you see dangerous wildlife in the village.

GARAGE SALE: Please note that the Village Office is no longer accepting Garage Sale items.

LIBRARY: The library is no longer accepting used books.

LANDFILL:  Please contact the Village Office for hours of operation.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Garbage is picked up each Tuesday.

TAX ASSESSMENT: View your own individual property information by using the SAMAVIEW link on the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency website.

Do you have family friendly  pictures of Cochin and the surrounding area to share on the @RVCochin social media pages? If so, please email them, along with your name, to Ramona Stillar (stillar@sasktel.net) or send them via message on the Resort Village of Cochin Facebook page.