Council Comments # 11

Email Consent and Request

The Resort Village of Cochin is exploring the possibility of circulating general information by way of email to permanent and seasonal residents of the Village as well as to others who may have an interest.  If implemented, this type of communication would be in addition to our Facebook page and the Village’s web site, not in replacement of either.  This method of communication would not include assessment or tax notices or any other type of “official” notification to one or more persons.  Such will continue to be sent by Canada Post.

We envision including “Council Comments” which now, and will continue to, appear on the Village’s web site as well as notifications concerning matters of general interest such as Cochin Days.

The Village has no time line for implementing such a procedure but, in the meantime, would like to know whether there is sufficient interest in the process to justify the effort.  If you decide to participate, you may terminate your subscription on two week’s notice to the Village at any time. 

The Village will protect your privacy and will not sell or rent your information or any part of it and will take steps to prevent any person other than the Village administration or the Village’s web master from accessing the information.

If you have no interest in receiving such emails from the Village, simply ignore this Council Comment.  If you wish to receive such emails, please indicate so by sending an email to the Resort Village of Cochin at: cochinadmin@sasktel.net

Your email must include you name and the email address you wish the Village to use.  The email must include the following, or similar words:

I request the Resort Village of Cochin to send emails of general interest to me at the email address indicated. This email address is mine.  I acknowledge that I may cancel this subscription by email to the Resort Village of Cochin at any time on two week’s notice to the Resort Village of Cochin.

You are hereby authorized to share this Council Comment with whomever you think might have an interest in having their email address added to the list of recipients.


December 8, 2016