Council Comments #14


All members of Council attended the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities’ Association convention held in Saskatoon at TCU Place from Sunday, February 5, 2017 to Wednesday, February 8, 2017. 

Although there were some valuable sessions, on balance, Council members recommend that one – two members of Council should attend in the future.

Most of the resolutions debated were irrelevant to the RVC.  One which we supported was to urge the Provincial Government to impose school taxes on year round tenants in provincial parks.  At the moment, such tenants only pay a lease fee that the government keeps.  There are no school taxes charged.  We successfully opposed a resolution that proposed that resort village elections be held every two years that would result in overlapping terms for members of Council.  We saw it as an unnecessary and costly process.  Also apathy and voter fatigue are a concern.

The “bear pit session” with the Premier and members of cabinet was a sobering experience as government sought to prepare municipalities for the possibility of negative changes to revenue sharing.

Council Appointments

Councillor Marcel Caplette has been appointed the Village’s representative to the Board of the Jackfish Lake Watershed Authority replacing former Councillor, Kevin Jones.   Kevin was the Village’s representative for many years and was the Authority’s Board Chair.  Kevin has since been appointed as the representative of the Resort Village of Metinota and continues as Chair of the Board.

Marcel has also been appointed as the Village’s representative to the Parks Board.

Councillor Peter Wiesner has been appointed as the Village’s representative to the Fish Management Advisory Board.

Grant Applications

The following grant applications have been submitted to the funders as follows:

  • Canada 150 for Cochin Days: We are one of four recipients of a grant from Canada 150 and Battlefords and District Community Foundation for $1500.

  • Community Investment for summer programs

  • Coop Community Spaces for playground revitalization

  • BATC for a playground grant

  • Summer Student funding

An application to SIGA to sponsor First Nations dance and/or storytelling during Cochin Days is being prepared.


The lighthouse is in need of more than simple TLC.  Council is looking at the issues of repair and safeguarding the facility.  This includes painting and lighting for the area around the lighthouse. Also, applying a siloxane product which creates a non-stick surface that repels graffiti from paint, paint spray cans and permanent markers.

Installation of deep/winter water lines  

Individually and collectively the members of Council support the concept of universally accessible deep/winter water lines throughout the Village as the current water line do not meet drinking water standards and have been failing at an alarming rate.

All members of Council attended a two-hour informational session with a business that has devised an installation system that eliminates the need to bury the lines below the frost line.  The session was held by speakerphone and a power point presentation.  It included a “post mortem” by members of Council.

In addition, after being unsuccessful in locating any files in the Village office relating to previous deep water line proposals and draft engineering suggestions, Council has taken steps to have that material replicated from other sources so as to be able to move ahead. 

Financial Management

Our new experienced administrator has been able to reconcile the first eight months of 2016 and by our April Council meeting we should be caught up and have a good idea on our financial picture. We will then begin to address a number of matters we have on hold until we know the financial picture.


February 28, 2017