Council Comments #15

Council held its April meeting on Monday, April 10, 2017 at the Village office.

Development Appeals Board

Council extends its appreciation to the retiring members of the Development Appeals Board for their efforts during their term.  They are Ken Hartman, Brian Nevue and Betty Ernst.  Council also expresses its thanks to Ken, Brian and Betty for their stellar efforts in crafting a proposed set of village bylaws.

Gord Krismer & Associates has been appointed as the Village’s Development Appeals Board for2017.  It has also been retained to be the Village’s Board of Revision.

Meeting with the RM of Meota

Council will be meeting with the Council of the RM of Meota on April 27 to discuss matters of mutual interest. 

Rural Crime Meeting

The Village of Cochin is partnering with the RM of Meota in sponsoring a meeting of various groups to discuss the issue of rural crime.  Participants will include the Village of Cochin, the RM of Meota, the Village of Meota, the Resort Villages of Metinota and Aquadeo, Moosomin and Saulteaux First Nations along with representatives of the RCMP and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, along with others.  This meeting will be held on Saturday, April 29 and the intent is that a public meeting will then be held at which input and comment will be sought from ratepayers and others who have an interest.

Trans-Canada Rescue Ltd.

Over the weekend of March 17-19, Fire Chief Dave Elder and nine volunteer firefighters attended a vehicle extrication course offered by Trans-Canada Rescue Ltd. 

Council congratulates Chief Elder and the nine volunteers for having successfully completed the training and for having received their certification.  They are:

  • Mike Bazille

  • Lori Burnett

  • Shawn Burnett

  • Christine Elder

  • David Elder

  • Andrew Krieger

  • Taylor Primeau

  • Brian Rotsey

  • Lyle Zuber

Cochin Community Players

Council continues discussions with the CCC relating to potential renovations to the Village Hall.


Council is rescinding the bylaw which was aimed at annexing the shoreline on Murray and Jackfish Lakes adjacent to the village but will be proceeding with a similar bylaw which excludes land north of the creek and land adjacent to the village on the west shore of Murray Lake.

Water Security Agency

Council has invited Kris Dushire, Project Officer with WSA to attend council’s next meeting on May 2 to discuss the Village Permit to Operate a Waterworks. 

Bank Reconciliations

The bank reconciliations are now current.

Rivers West District for Sport, Culture and Recreation

Council approved the purchase of a membership in RWDSCR the same being the former Zone 7 for Sport, Culture and Youth.  The cost is $20.

April 10, 2017