Council Comments #5

The regularly scheduled council meeting to be held at 6 PM on Tuesday, October 4, 2106 was preceded by a public meeting to deal with the issue of a proposed bylaw to permanently close an undeveloped road allowance (lane) as previously advertised.  The meeting was attended by presenters Ed Scott (the proposed transferee of the closed road allowance), Dennis Pirot (an adjoining landowner) and Brad Pattinson (an interested ratepayer).   Following the presentations by the members of the audience and some discussion by council members and further dialogue, the matter was adjourned to a date to be determined.

Council then proceeded with the regularly scheduled meeting and we report below on some of the matters discussed.

The minutes from all previous council meetings back to June 27, 2016 were approved and council reiterated its position that all approved minutes should be “up on” the Village’s website in a timely manner and certainly within the balance of the week in which the meeting is held.

The report from Rob Weibe relating to the breakwater was received with great thanks to Rob for his outstanding contribution to this challenge.  As was noted by Rob, the project is an expensive, long term matter which requires significant coordination with other entities including the RM of Meota, the Resort Villages, Moosamin and Saulteaux  First Nations and the Provincial and Federal Governments..  This matter will be given continuing consideration by council.

Tim Heisler attended the meeting to discuss erosion issues along the Gentle Place Road.  A number of remedy options were discussed and Tim and the council will be collaborating on identifying the best one and planning the action to be taken.  Included in these discussions was the matter of the serious erosion issues involving the Hunt’s Cove Road hill.  Council is aware of this latter issue and is continues to seek professional advice on how to remedy the matter.

The Village’s Fire Chief Dave Elder attended the meeting to report on necessary repairs to the department’s vehicles.  Repairs to the water truck were approved as well as a plan to replace tires.  Dave also discussed the need to have his volunteers attend CPR classes and extraction (remove people from crumpled vehicles) training. 

The village provided the RM of Meota with a letter of interest with respect to hiring one or more community safety officers to be shared by the RM and others and received an invitation from the RM to review applications received to date.  The invitation was late in arriving so no member of council was able to take advantage of it.

The issue of deep water lines along Delorme Drive was again considered and the matter adjourned pending consideration of the various installation options.

A contract for the demolition and removal of the derelict cabin along the walking trail from the Bigway to Archdeacon Drive was approved in the amount of $4,500.

Building permit applications received from Mike and Carol Carlson and from Harvey Walker were approved.

Ed and Marcella Pirot resubmitted a subdivision application relating to their property and Theresa was instructed to write to them to advise that council would approve the same if they adjusted the proposed west boundary or moved the garage now on the property. 

Councillor Marcel Caplette was appointed as the village’s representative to the Park Advisory Board.

Kevin Jones wrote to suggest that he be replaced as the Village’s representative on the Jackfish Lake Watershed Association.  Council took the letter under advisement and will be searching for a replacement.

 October 9, 2016