Council Comments #7

Council members, as a committee of the whole, met with the Council of the RM of Meota on Thursday, October 13 in the R.M. of Meota office.  Included in the matters discussed are the following:

 Community Safety Officer

We previously advised the RM that the Village has a significant interest in partnering with the RM and the other Resort Villages (or some of them) to find, hire and fund a community safety officer.  To this end, the RM has taken the lead in advertising for such a person, has received applications and is embarking on the interview process.  The interviews will take place on Saturday, October 14 and the Village has accepted an invitation to participate on the interview panel.


Progress was made in each side gaining a better understanding of the other’s position on various matters.  Further consideration was deferred until after the RM election.  Our council members continue to be pleased with the tone of the discussions.

 Interlake Water

As with the annexation matter, the discussion relating to Interlake provided each Council the opportunity to further explore positions that are not held by both parties.  Discussion was adjourned to a future meeting following the RM election.

 Road to the First Nations of Moosomin & Saulteaux

The issues surrounding this topic include the Village road to a point west of the bridge, the RM’s and Saulteaux’s joint responsibility for the bridge and Saulteaux’s responsibility for the road east of the bridge.  As part of the discussion, load limits on both the bridge and the road as well as speed limits were contemplated.  This will be an ongoing matter.

 Fire Department

Both councils agreed that we need to have an all party meeting to discuss continuation of the Mutual Aid Agreement which calls for participating municipalities to come to the aid of the others.  Such a meeting will be set for a time following the RM Election.  The Village will ask our fire chief, Dave Elder, to attend the meeting and assist us with his knowledge and expertise.

 Garbage disposal, Village “dump” and RM transfer station

The Councils agreed to explore the possibility of mutual access to each other’s garbage disposal facilities and it was agreed to enter into discussions once each party has had the opportunity to examine its own costs and the efficacy of their individual systems.  This topic was added to the growing list of topics to be dealt with after the RM election.

 Reeve of the RM

After more than 40 years on the RM Council (much of which was as Reeve) Wilbert Fennig has decided to “hang up his hat”, “slow down”, “get his life back”, “find a rocking chair” and generally focus his energies to projects Connie has been recording for decades.  From the Village Council to Wilbert:  Congratulations on your retirement and years of dedicated service to the RM.

 The Reeve elect, by acclamation, is Sherry Jimmy, a long time councillor for the RM.  Congratulations Sherry.  The members of Council of the Resort Village of Cochin look forward to working with you and the RM’s Councillors.


October 14, 2016