Council Comments #8

The most important observation is that we lost two cottages to fire.  All members of Council join in the collective expressions of condolence to the owners and their families.  We extend equal expressions of gratitude to those who extinguished the fire and saved other structures from a similar loss.

The Minutes of the Public Meeting of November 4, 2016 were adopted and approved, as were the Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of November 4, 2016.  
The derelict, abandoned cottage on the walking trail between Archdeacon Drive and the back side of the Bigway was demolished and the resulting rubbish hauled away.  The site is now clear of all signs of transient partying.

Kevin Jones appeared at the Council meeting and reported on the Jackfish Lake Water Authority and the continuing efforts being made to deal with the lake water level and the resulting erosion issues during abnormally high water levels.  Kevin is the Village’s representative and Chair of the JLWA Board.

Fire Chief Dave Elder appeared before Council and made a presentation in support of the Department’s application for funding to train nine and possibly 10 volunteer firefighters in vehicle passenger extraction.  Trans-Care Rescue Ltd. would deliver the course over three days and it would be the Vehicle Extrication-Operations Level – I course.  

Shelly Nelson appeared before Council as representative of May McLennan relating to Ms. McLennan’s subdivision north of Nolin Drive.  Her representations dealt with Parcel Q being the residue of Parcel Q following subdivision of five lots from Parcel Q.  Those issues covered the assessment of the remaining portion of Parcel Q, the “per lot” development fee assessed against the five subdivided lots, winter water and the assessed value of the residue of Parcel Q (which is marsh).  One of her proposals is that once the residue is reassessed by SAMA Ms. McLennan should be rebated any “overpaid” taxes for the past three years since the matter has been before the Village for that period of time without resolution.

The Municipalities Act has been amended to require the Village to pass an Ethics Bylaw before the end of February 2017.   This directive applies to all urban municipalities in the province.  The RV of Cochin does not yet have such a bylaw.  The Act was further amended to provide for an amended Oath of Office.  All members of Council signed the new document.

Application was made by a ratepayer to allow for the erection of a 20’ X 40’ tent on the public beach area for the purpose of a family function for 40 to 65 people with erection of the tent on a Friday, the event on a Saturday and take-down on a Sunday.

Council approved road and grading and erosion work and the provision of gravel on Gentle Place by Bill L’Heureux and for grading and graveling of a portion of Delorme Drive (toward the reserve bridge.)

November 8, 2016