Council Comments #9

Group Insurance

All members of Council declined death and dismemberment insurance offered to council members under the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, (“SUMA”),Group Benefits Program.  Council members did not see this as a legitimate cost to the Village.

Municipal Leaders’ Roles and Responsibilities

On Wednesday, November 23, all members of Council and the Village’s Acting Administrator attended a one-day workshop/seminar presented by SUMA and sponsored by SaskWater held in Warman.  The presentation is one of six modules comprising the Municipal Leadership Development Program. The presentation included five components:

  1. Wise Stewardship:  Council is responsible for being a wise steward of the Resort Village’s assets.  This component explored what this means and how we, as mayor and councillors, can contribute to building a better future for our resort village.
  2. The Council – Administrator Dynamic:  The council-administration relationship may be the most essential one to the success of an urban government.   Understanding the role and responsibilities the council, as policy makers, and how it differs from the role of administration goes a long way to making this relationship work.
  3. Urban Councils and Council Meetings:  This section explored how urban councils (of which ours is one) can work effectively together.  Keys to successful council meetings were suggested.  Municipal Law:  This component dealt with understanding the key elements of law that may impact our village government as an important step in getting comfortable as a new council member.  It included a discussion on liability and conflict of interest among other points.
  4. SUMA and UMAAS:  This component involved a brief discussion of the roles of SUMA and the Urban Municipal Administrators’ Association of Saskatchewan, (“UMAAS”), and how these two organizations can help our council to be more effective in leading our urban government.

November 23, 2016