Council Comments #4 - September 13, 2016

All members of council along with the village’s acting administrator met with the council of the RM of Meota on Monday, September 12, 2016 at the RM’s offices in Meota.

The meeting was amiable and the parties entered into a frank and open discussion with respect to matters of mutual interest.  The meeting unfolded without acrimony.  All in attendance expressed the view that the meeting was successful and that it heralded a positive working relationship.

The parties will continue to meet up until the RM elections in October following which everyone expects the new RM council to continue the dialogue.

Council Comments #3 - September 9, 2016

Council, as a committee of the whole, met with Michael Hudec, lawyer for the village, on Tuesday past, in order to receive an update on the matters with respect to which the village is receiving advice from Michael.  This included a consideration of the litigation between the village and the RM of Meota relating to a proposed annexation of the shoreline by the village and the litigation between the village and Mr. Corazza relating to the issue of title to the fenced compound north of the Dairy Shoppe as well as concerns about existing pollution.  

The discussions also included an apparent break-through in the dispute between the village and the R.M. relating to the Interlake Water Utility.  A draft of a bylaw to be passed by both councils and a resulting draft agreement were reviewed and two amendments suggested.  Michael took the proposed changes to the lawyer for the R.M. and they have been agreed to the changes.  Council, as a committee of the whole, will meet with the R.M. council on Monday morning, September 12, at which time it is expected that both parties will share their joint approval and the agreement will be signed and the formal processes to pass the bylaw will commence.  

As previously commented upon, the meeting with the R.M. will also deal with other matters of mutual interest.

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, (“SUMA”), is hosting a workshop for new councils in Warman on November 23.  All members of council and its administrator will attend that workshop.  

Council has been in contact with an engineer from the Department of Highways concerning the Hunt’s Cove road and what options are available to remedy the current situation – which includes significant erosion and water and mud accumulation at the foot of the hill.  We expect the engineer to be on site in the next week or so.

Summer resident, Robb Wiebe, who had many years of experience with PFRA specializing in piers and docks and shoreline erosion matters, has offered (and the village accepted) to research the options to rebuild the breakwater.  We hope to have a preliminary report from Robb by the end of September.

There are three very serious matters that must be noted.

  1. The rocks that form part of the breakwater are not a stockpile of material to be taken/stolen by residents to provide beautification and/or stability to their properties.  These rocks are part of an essential erosion prevention plan: the breakwater.  We hope that those residents who have been taking these materials will have the common decency to return them.
  2. The indiscriminate removal of trees and bushes from private land cannot occur without very thoughtful consideration of the effect such may have on erosion both on the specific property in question but to “down flow” properties.
  3. Removal of trees and bushes and dirt from public land is prohibited.  This prohibition applies whether the removal is for beautification, parking or otherwise.  

We hope to publish a Council Comments # 4 after the meeting with the R.M. on Monday.

Council Comments #2 - August 31, 2016

Council held a special meeting on August 30, 2016 for the purpose of future and strategic planning.  The meeting was held  “in camera” meaning it was held in private and no public disclosure of the discussions will be made.  Such meetings are authorized by provincial legislation.

Former Mayor, Brad Pattinson, was kind enough to meet with council and reviewed former council’s efforts and decisions during its term: all with a view to assisting the current council in understanding that which occurred over the last four years.  It was a worthwhile meeting and council extends its thanks to Brad.

Council of the R.M. of Meota has extended an invitation for the two councils to meet to discuss areas of mutual interest.  Council sees such a meeting as being a positive process and alternate dates for the meeting will be suggested to the R.M.

Council Comments #1 - August 4, 2016  

On the occasion of being sworn in on August 4, 2016, members of Council noted with pleasure, the high degree of interest in the recent general election.

Not only were there 13 persons who entered the election for just five positions, there were over 100 interested persons who attended the All Candidates Forum, and 506 cast ballots in the advance poll and on election day.

Individually, each member of Council expressed appreciation for the confidence shown in them by the electorate.