In the fall of 2005, Irene Slotzer and Lucille Lowes decided to call a meeting of would be artists to determine if there was enough interest to form an art club. Members would include people who lived around Murray and Jackfish lakes. As a result, over 15 ladies expressed an interest and the Lakeshore Artists Club was formed.

Lucille Lowes was elected President and Doreen Griffiths was elected as the Secretary-Treasurer.

A letter was sent to the Village of Cochin and Council agreed to allow the club to use Rink Building for a nominal rental fee. In part, it was agreed that the group would run a children's workshop during Cochin Days each August. This has turned out to be quite successful ever since.

Over the past few years the artists have painted the walls and floor of the building, refinished the Cochin highway signs and completed the huge sign located at the Cafe in Cochin.

Due to many of its members relocating, the Lakeshore Artists group is not currently active. However, they still look forward to the annual Art Show and Sale during Cochin Days.


Lakeshore Artists